Love The Kinks.


That song and just a bit of drool resulted in this:

The Kinks In Her Chain

I'll wipe your chin every time you sin,
I love your kinks as you always help win,
I stare and I swear but I can't come in,
You are a world apart yet we are as close as kin.

If you loved me back like I love you,
I'd never watch as you turn so blue,
I'll choke your heart and chain your soul,
Stop with your kinks or my head is gonna roll.

Flash me a smile as they beg for your skin,
I wanna know you from down deep within,
Without you I reside in the darkest of holes,
With you at my side I shall conquer lifes' trolls.

As you wiggle I waggle,,,
Looking in as the lovers try to haggle,
They have no clue can't see me there with you,
I'm out of your sight sitting right beside it too.

I now miss all your kinks,,,
And long more for your winks,
Bring your chains and do your best harm,
I'm sending my love to sound the alarm.

As you join us always in Sin,,,
Screaming all around as they come again,
First time might hurt as you take my arm,
I'll treat your kinks with my kindest of charm.


Inspired By: Audbot 6.9 (with an Honorable Mention to The Kinks)


How I fell in love with The Kinks

By: Anonymous Youtube Commentors (as ghost written by Kinky Jones)

I fell in love with The Kinks because I fell in love with Howard Stern. Now he is a Beatles man through and through but thanks to him & Sirius satellite radio I started listening to their classic vinyl station and after hearing song after song after song that moved my soul and not knowing who even sang them I looked some of them up, and Ray Davies & Dave his brother wrote them all and The Kinks laid them down with different sound after different sound over again and again. If The Beatles and The Kinks would have been switched at birth nobody ever would have known or complained. The Beatles are a true to life legend turned historic tragedy and The Kinks are that good too. Trust me my name is Kinky, they just had a marketing problem... The world will just never be ready to go full kink and wasn't even close to being ready for the Davies brothers to slay words in ways that will never, ever be repeated. Certainly not in today's era of auto tuners and boy band crooners.

You Poor Feeble Minded Fools Better Pray To Every God, Demon, Angel, and Savior that The Kinks cannot REALLY tell you our future...

 "Please god help my poor soul, for my future is told through an old guitar" Kinky Jones


I was a writer long before I ever knew The Kinks even existed, but with that kind of brilliance as inspiration I am going to live for all eternity now.